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Pistachio Mousse  10"
Made from the finest Italian pistachios.  A combination of silky pistachio cream & mousse. ..
Raspberry NewYork Cheesecake 10"
Traditional creamy cheesecake baked into a biscuit shell and topped with raspberry compote.  ..
Red Velvet Cake
A moist delicious red coloured chocolate torte filled with a cherry cheese icing in between layers &..
Salted Caramel Mud Cake
A moist double layer of caramel mud cake with middle and top layer of delicious salted caramel ganac..
San Jose Blueberry
This delicious baked cheese is a standard San Jose Baked Cheese with the extra delight of a blueberr..
 A lightly double baked cheese with delicious crumbed biscuit base, finished with caramel ..
Sticky Data Torte  (mez)
Layers of date sponge centered and topped with caramel ganached and finished with almond brittle. ..
Strawberry Cheesecake 10'' (mez)
Traditional biscuit based chilled cheesecakes with your choice of strawberry.     ..
Strawberry Cream Torte
Delicious vanilla sponge torte with jam & fresh cream finished with fresh strawberries and surro..
Tiramisu (mez)
Mascarpone cream filled chocolate and vanilla sponge moistened with coffee liqueur and finished with..
Tiramisu Full Tray
75x45cm                   ..
Triple chocolate (mez)
Chocolate sponge moistened with liqueur and layers of fresh chocolate buttercream and chocolate gana..
White  Mud  Cake (mez)
White chocolate mud sponge layered and topped with white ganache and sides of white chocolate pieces..
White Chocolate Marble Cheesecake 10"
A creamy white and dark chocolate cheesecake sitting on a chocolate biscuit base and decorated with ..
White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse  (mez)
A sweet base topped with white chocolate mousse and raspberries and finished with a raspberries coul..